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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedure
This policy demonstrates how the Ore Community Association will undertake its responsibilities to keep safe the vulnerable adults it works alongside.  The OCA acknowledges its duty to act appropriately in regard to any allegations, reports or suspicions of abuse.
2.       PURPOSE 
It is important to have this Policy and the associated procedures in place so that staff, volunteers, services and the Trustees can work to prevent abuse and know what to do in the event of abuse.
This Policy statement and the procedures have been drawn up in order to enable the OCA to:
Promote good practice and work in a way that can prevent harm, abuse and coercion occurring
Ensure that any allegations of abuse or suspicions are dealt with appropriately and the person experiencing abuse is supported
Stop the abuse occurring         
For the purpose of this Policy and the associated procedures, vulnerable adults are defined as:
People over the age of 18
People who are receiving or who may need community care services because of learning difficulties, physical or mental illness, or age issues
People who are or may be unable to take care of themselves, or unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation
The Policy applies to all staff, volunteers and Trustees.
It is acknowledged that significant numbers of vulnerable adults are abused and it is important that the OCA has an approved Safeguarding Adults Policy, a set of Procedures to follow and puts in place preventative measures to try and reduce those numbers.
In order to effectively implement this Policy the OCA will work to:
Promote the freedom and dignity of the person who has or is experiencing abuse
Promote the rights of all people to live free from abuse and coercion
Ensure the safety and well-being of people who do not have the capacity to decide how they want to respond to abuse that they are experiencing
Manage services in a way promotes safety and prevents abuse
Recruit staff and volunteers safely, ensuring all necessary checks are made
Provide effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision
The OCA will:
Ensure that all Trustees, staff, volunteers, service users are familiar with this Policy and its Procedures
Act within its confidentiality Policy
Make a referral to the Adult Social Care Duty team as appropriate
Make sure that the Designated Named Person understand his/her responsibilities to refer incidents of adult abuse to the relevant statutory agencies
The Designated Named Advisor for Safeguarding Adults is the Centre Manager.
All safeguarding concerns relating to allegations against staff and vokunteers should be reported to this individual and recorded.  If the concern relates to the Designated Named Advisor then the Chair of Trustees should be contacted.
The OCA is committed to putting in place safeguards and measures to reduce the likelihood of abuse taking place within its service and to its staff and volunteers. 
This Policy and Procedure should therefore be read in conjunction with other Policies that the OCA has in place, to ensure that staff and volunteers are recruited safely and that DBS checks are provided and references taken up.
This Policy and our Complaints Policy will be made available to any user upon REQUEST.
The most common forms of abuse are:
Sexual abuse by one person upon another
Physical abuse or the threat of that results in Bodily injury or pain
Emotional or psychological abuse which may result in trauma, anxiety or depression
Discrimination of a person in a certain group or category
Financial or Material is the theft of money or personal possessions being used to the advantage of another person
Neglect or acts of omission
Abuse may be carried out deliberately or unknowingly by a single act or repeated acts.
People who abuse may come from all walks of life.  They may be professional people such as doctors or teachers or even relatives or friends.
The OCA recognises that it has a duly to act on reports or suspicions of abuse and will respond by ensuring the safety of the person who has been abused, by informing the Designated Named Advisor as soon as possible, and by following the Pan Sussex Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures.
This means responding as follows:
Reassuring the person who has been abused
Listen to them
Record what has been said or done as soon as possible
Remain calm and reassuring
Call an ambulance if required and police if necessary
Preserve any evidence
Inform the Designated Named Person.
All cases of abuse or alleged abuse will be discussed with the Designated Named Person or one of the Trustees if the allegations of abuse are against the Designated Named Person. If they feel that they cannot do this then they can voice their concerns direct with the Adult Social Care Duty team.
When details of the abuse or alleged abuse are formally notified to the Adult team then this is known as an Alert. The Safeguarding Adults Alert Form should then be completed and the Adult team telephoned.
An alert will always be made with the consent of the individual unless this is not possible because of incapacity.
The Designated Named Person can always take advice from the Adult Social care team or the police and then explain the process to the alleged victim.
Information should be provided to the alleged victim by way of advice, counselling or where to go to get legal redress.
The OCA will always make sure that an allegation against a member of staff or volunteer is dealt with swiftly and the police informed.  The safety of the individual is paramount and a risk assessment made to assess the level of risk to all individuals present. The Designated Named Person will liaise with Adult Social Care team to discuss the best course of action and to ensure the OCA procedures are co-ordinated with any other enquiries taking place.
The OCA is committed to maintaining confidentiality wherever possible and any information is only shared with those who need to know.
All allegations should be recorded and be factual and not based on anyone’s opinions and be only what the alleged victim of abuse have told us, or what you have seen or witnessed.
The information that is recorded must be kept and will comply with the OCA data protection policy.
This Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedure will be clearly communicated to all new and existing staff, volunteers and Trustees.  The Designated Named Person will ensure that this is done and be reviewed no later than the date of approval or when there is significant change in the law or County Council guidelines.
Trustees, staff, volunteers and service users may be involved in the process of any new review and be responsible for recommending any changes.
The following policies and procedures also support safeguarding at the OCA.
Data Protection
Equality and Diversity
Health and Safety