Ore Community Centre - Company Message
A Little History

Ore Community Association was formed in the early 1970's as a response by the local Education Authority to the 'youth and community work in the 1970's' report which aimed at broadening community provision from the well established youth service which had been initiated a decade earlier as a result of the 'Albermarle' report.

When formed, the association was a combination of the Zodiac Youth Centre and Ore Adult Centre, known as Ore-Zodiac Community Association. The local authority provided full and part-time staff and up to 90% of operating costs. By the late 1980's, as a result of cutbacks in local authority expenditure, Ore Centre received less and less support and by the beginning of 1990's no staffing or financial support was given, save for the premises being occupied on a peppercorn rent.

Ore Community Association, like so many others, adopted and altered its approach to the changing situation and managed to become financially self-sufficient, although several non-cost efective areas of programme have disappeared. However, the Association has maintained a broad programme across a wide age range, viz. pre-school playgroup to the elderly. The Association had established a licensed bar as a part of its operation and this provided an income of about £5000 a year which kept the balance sheet in credit. Although the bar accounts had always been declared in the annual accounts and submitted to the Charity Commissioners, it was only in 1992 that the commission questioned the operation. After protracted correspondence the Charity Commissioners would not allow the bar to continue as part of the Association's activities and no suitable alternative arrangement could be found. The bar thus closed and with it the loss of income.

Ore is a district on the North-Eastern edge of Hastings, a seaside town with a population of around 80,000. Hastings is a historic town which is very popular with day visitors.